"Our guests always enjoy a great learning experience at "Tower Hill" Operated by Worn Gundidj Aboriginal Co-operative Ltd. The staff are always helpful and informative, and ensure that our guests have a memorable and authentic visit.  We highly recommend visiting Tower Hill for an enjoyable and fascinating insight into bush medicine and indigenous culture" - AAT Kings


I would again like to thank all your wonderful staff at Tower Hill for giving the children of Vacation care a wonderful day.Kathy ProbertOutside School Hours Care Team Leader

Trip Advisor comments.

June 2017

Had a fantastic visit to Tower Hill. The reserve is free to visit but totally recommend taking the tour for a small fee provided by Worn Gundidj. Learnt a lot about aboriginal culture in the area, got the chance to taste some bush tucker and seen animals we would have otherwise missed including several koalas and a tiger snake! Also got the chance to practice throwing a boomerang which was great fun. The centre has some great reasonably priced gifts including original aboriginal art.

May 2017

The visitor centre had some great info and souvenirs. One of the aboriginal guides, taught my wife and daughter how to throw a boomerang and they both walked away with a new skill. All in all it has been the highlight of our trip along the great Ocean Road and we had many great experiences.

When you do the walks there can sometimes be much more wildlife and plenty of bird life. The information centre is lovely and very informative with great souvenirs and lots of indigenous culture.

Very pleasing to visit a great centre where Victorian early history as well as the history of thousands of years of the original custodians of the land we call Western a Victoria. A wonderful chance for children to gain an overall picture of this land.

Just the most beautiful scenery and the ability to see the wildlife roam free is absolutely amazing. Incomparable.

April 2017.

Koalas snakes kangaroos. Couldn't Ask for anything more! Great location, easy access, beautiful picnic spot and friendly staff.

Stop by the information centre for lots of local information & a chat to the caring workers.

There is also an informative Visitors Centre, washroom facilities, great coffee and cake, picnic spots and some fabulous indigenous inspired art souvenirs. Seriously, the Centre alone is well worth the visit. Staff are very friendly and informative and they love to host visitors.

There are picnic tables provided around the barbecue shelters and you can buy a cuppa and snacks from the Centre if you wish. The Cultural Centre also sells souvenirs, art work and travel memorabilia. An ideal stop for international tourists and visitors to ensure a taste of Australian nature.

March 2017

My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed our 3 hour adventure at Tower Hill. Visitor centre staff were exceptionally helpful.

Not far from civilisation its a park largely undeveloped except for a friendly visitor centre… No admission fee and one of the best experiences in Australia.

The Visitor Centre is welcoming with many aboriginal artefacts including possum skins used for warmth.
Well worth a visit, don't miss the turn off.

February 2017

I am not a huge fan of guided visits but we signed up and went for it. Our guide was brilliant and really brought the bush and the aboriginal people and customs to life. We even learnt how to through a boomerang. I would recommend to everyone.

We did a guided tour with Karl who was very knowledgeable about the history, flora and fauna as well as the indigenous inhabitants. We tasted bush food, heard lots of interesting stories and walked around the area. Not too taxing!

We booked for the guided walk and it was well worth the price.

This hidden jewel is not very public but is just great!!!
It's free first of all, and you go with your car like an open range safari.
There are lots of free Emus & kangaroos wondering around.
Also you can just park your car and go for some short walks (easy and accessible paths).
Shortly, if you're in the area, just go!

They have a lovely picnic area and wonderful cultural/interpretive center. The staff were friendly and helpful.

The Visitors' Centre is not to be missed! It is a beautiful little structure designed by famous architect Boyd who is the innovator of Mid-Century Modern. The rock building nestles in a grassy space near one of the walks and fits perfectly into the environment. It houses one of the best gift shops I've seen in an Indigenous location.

January 2017.

The shop and cafe are fab; clean, full of info and gifts etc
It was free to enter - a real surprise; we had such a great time here. Highly recommend.

Beautiful place. Lovely people. Beautiful animals. If you want you can play with boomerang for free.
Definitely recommended!!

Emus, lizards, koalas, wallabys and maybe an echidna - who could ask for more? You get more if you go on the guided walk - an experienced and knowledgable guide who sees the things you miss and at the end of the tour teaches you how to throw a boomerang. Great place to visit.